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Over 40 years of expertise in tooling design, Metri-tek has the experience to assist you in all of your tooling needs.

For over 40 years,
Metri-Tek has specialised in tool design and manufacture including press tools, cavity dies, sintering dies, foundry tools and core boxes.

Metri-Tek Tooling was founded in 1980 primarily to design and manufacture special purpose tooling for the automotive industry. Metri-Tek has since diversified into all other industries and areas of Engineering however Tool design and manufacture has remained a core focus of the company. 

A Heritage of tooling for over 4 decades

Metri-Tek's legacy lies in its 40 years’ experience in tooling design and manufacture including Press tools, Cavity Dies, Sintering Dies, Foundry Tools and Core Boxes.


Our use of CAD/CAM software and CNC machines enables us to produce a wide variety of accurate tooling products. The use of EDM machining including both vertical and wire EDM enables us to cut complex shapes in difficult to machine hardened tool steels after heat treatment.


Metri-Tek has produced complete tooling solutions for many industries including Electric motor manufacturers, High-speed press tooling for the automotive industry, sintering dies for highly accurate sintered metal components.

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