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CNC Machining enables us to produce highly accurate products, both in one-off parts and production components. Because the machines are completely programmable, CNC machines offer complete flexibility enabling machining of complex parts and shapes without expensive tooling costs.

Investing In New Technology

Our continual investment into new technology means extremely accurate products with shorter turnaround times. Our in-house highly skilled team have vast knowledge and experience in machining a large variety of materials from plastics to tool steels.


Our Infrastructure:

* CNC Machining centres various up to 1200 X 800 X 600

* 4 CNC Turning centres with live tooling up to 2300 (BC) X 700 (DIA)

* NC surface grinding up to 750 X 305

* Cylindrical grinding up to 1500 (BC) X 400 (DIA)

* NC EDM UP TO 600 X 500

* CNC Wire Cut EDM 400 X 300 X 100

* Metal Fabrication

* Overhead Crane

A Fully Automated Approach

CNC Machining centres are fully automated milling machines where all the axis of movement are controlled by a computer. Parts can be designed using CAD software and then translated into manufacturing directives using CAM software, which are transformed by post-processor software into specific commands used to control machine movements in 0.001mm increments.


CNC Machining Services

CNC machines are used for a wide variety of applications due to their high level of accuracy and repeatability. This repeatability makes CNC machines suited to production components however they are equally suited to small runs or one-off components due to their high level of accuracy.

Metri-Tek offer a broad range of CNC machining services including:

* CNC multi-axis milling

* CNC turning with live tooling

* CNC EDM and wirecut machining

* NC surface grinding

* CNC waterjet cutting

* CNC laser cutting

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