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A Turn Key Profile Solution

Metri-Tek is leading the way in turnkey solutions for today’s business. As technology changes and the need for faster and smarter components becomes a race against time, there is a simple solution at hand to an age-old problem. Trying to build the perfect platform for a conveyor system or simple bench has long been a heavy-duty dilemma. 


Metri-Tek has the easy solution in providing a multitude of industrial structures, which in the past have been a major construction exercise with a price tag to match. The MayTec modular Profile and Conveyor system is a modern miracle, which is as practical as it is effective in providing business solutions. The German-based design is revolutionising the way conveyor systems are designed and built, with an emphasis on ease of construction, maintenance and operation. 

Versatile Technology

Business changes so why can't your plant and machinery do the same?

Gone are the days of heavy-duty steel frames and benches which require a series of welded joints and heavy componentry taking considerable time to construct. That often means production downtime as outside contractors move onto the factory floor to get the job done.

& Interchangeable

The MayTec profile system is particularly easy to work with, not only does it provide a contemporary feel, it's quick to install, flexible and modular. It is easy to retrofit or convert and reusable at any time.

Infrastructure That Grows With You

Sporting clean lines, MayTec is stronger and more dynamic than similar products on the market. Change is inevitable,  we’re enthusiastic and committed to long-term sustainability through developing projects of scale. We specialise in developing a dynamic and interchangeable solution that makes the most significant contribution to your business growth. 



Compliant & In Control

Did you know that MayTec's safety barrier system has been designed to withstand impacts of 100kg at 20km/h?


Stay compliant and in control providing a safe zone in a high-risk area with MayTec's vast range of frames and access doors with the option to fit polycarbonate or mesh infill panels.  All MayTec profiles are manufactured in Germany to the highest strength and will live up to some of the harshest environments. The tight tolerances of the profile and the high quality of the aluminium alloy guarantee the strength and stability, every time.

Build & Manufacture

MayTec is seen across multiple sectors globally, including defence, automotive, agricultural, mining, optical, food and beverage.  The profile system is trusted by machine builders, manufacturers and consumers around the world. MayTec meets the requirements of an extensive range of machine-building, guarding, workstations, trolleys, barriers, clean rooms, enclosures and display module applications such as exhibition stands.


The MayTec profile system does not require any welds, it’s a structure that can be joined as simple as tightening a screw with an Allen key. Offering an easy and cost-effective solution to a heavy-duty headache. The structure can be designed and constructed to scale on Metri-Tek's factory floor at Somerton Park in South Australia. From there it is stripped down and re-installed on-site with minimum fuss and in a fraction of the time of steel structures. The next dimension is adding a conveyor system which can transport a variety of specially tooled pallets. 



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A Unique Design Approach

As one of Australia's leading MayTec distributors,  let our specialised team develop a bespoke design, service a working plan with you and create an efficient solution.


With classic design cues, the MayTec Aluminium profile system offers industrial and commercial designers unlimited scope for frame-work and endless opportunities.


Backed by years of experience,  a big part of our day to day is cutting, machining and assembling various projects for our clients.  Our end to end service includes design, supplying raw material to complete unit installations on your site. 


By launching the Profile System and Accessories CAD Software, you can create your own solution, or even just get the basics going and we can assist in the design process. 


Please forward your CAD designs to us via email, and we can assist in optimising the design to the most cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs.  This software is straightforward to use and completely free of charge. 




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Please note -  Please note some parts and materials are not available in Australia, please contact us if you have any questions concerning the software. Prices indicated on the CAD software in some cases may not be current and are subject to change without notice.  The CAD software is a useful guide to help keep an eye on costs during the design process, however, to obtain an accurate quotation, please forward designs to us, and we will get back to you with a proposal as soon as possible. 

Latest Catalogues

This suite of Maytec catalogues can support you in selecting the right profile for your application. 

These catalogues give you an overview of the full range of profiles, conveyors, cleanroom systems and glass panel systems.


Latest Catalogue Downloads: (Click to download PDF)

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