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Metri-Tek uses the world’s best practice in lean manufacturing technologies including data collection on the run. Any manufacturing process can be automated to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of businesses.

In many cases, Metri-Tek has saved companies millions of dollars in ongoing manufacturing costs through the use of automated manufacturing techniques.

Leading Manufacturing Technologies 

Australia is particularly suited to the Automation of manufacturing process due to the high cost of labour. The use of Automation can significantly reduce the cost of running a business in some cases reducing labour content required to manufacture products to almost zero.


Metri-Tek's vast experience in designing and manufacturing special purpose machines means that we can evaluate your production requirements and optimise your output, now and into the future.

Save Costs,
Remove Manual Labour

Metri-Tek are specialists in Automation with many years’ experience in what process will be best suited to your needs and with the quickest possible return on investment.


Not only is Automation a way to save on manufacturing costs, removing manual labour content from potentially hazardous environments and processes can provide a safer work environment with fewer workplace injuries.


Automation Solutions To Fit

Having successfully completed projects in mining, automotive, agricultural, optical and defence industries, our capabilities include:


  • Design and build fully automated polycarbonate hard coat dip-coating facility

  • Electric motor assembly lines

  • Micro Irrigation assembly lines

  • Automotive component manufacturing cells. including interfacing with specialist CNC machines

  • Food processing lines both fresh and processed food

  • Complete production line for Hard coat and transition coat on Optical lenses

  • Whitegoods complete assembly lines

  • Bottling lines and in-line quality control. systems using data collection for the wine and beverage industry

  • Automated TIG welding commonly used in the oil and gas industry

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