The Ideal Profile System



Build & Manufacture

MayTec is seen across multiple sectors globally, including automotive, XX, and XX.  The profile system is trusted by machine builders, manufacturers and end users around the world.


MayTec meets the requirements of an extensive range of machine-building, guarding, workstations, trolleys, barriers, clean rooms, enclosures and display module applications such as exhibition stands.


The MayTec profile doesn’t require any welds, it’s a structure which can be joined as simply as screwing in a bolt with an allen key, in simple terms it’s the same principle as a Meccano set of the new millennium, offering an easy and cost-effective solution to a heavy-duty headache. The structure can be designed and constructed to scale on Metri-tek’s factory floor at Somerton Park in South Australia.


From there it is stripped down and re-installed on-site with minimum fuss and in a fraction of the time than existing steel structures. The next dimension is adding a conveyor system which can transport a variety of specially tooled pallets. 




Is The Only Limit

MayTec offers a comprehensive, coordinated profile system. All profiles can be interconnected in any conceivable position.

The accessory program enables functional and aesthetic solutions to a wide range of applications.

The all Aluminium construction provides XX different profiles which can be used in any construction, from office furniture to assembly line conveyors in car plant component manufacture. It’s all about going back to basics. 



A Unique
Design Approach

As one of Australia's leading MayTec distributors,  let our specialised team develop a bespoke design, service a working plan with you and create an efficient solution.

With classic design cues, the MayTec Aluminium profile system technology offers industrial and commercial designers unlimited scope for frame-work and endless opportunities.


Backed by years of experience,  a big part of our day to day is cutting, machining and assembling various projects for our clients.   Our end to end service includes design, supplying raw material to complete unit installations on your site. 


You can order your profile directly through us or by via the profile system and accessories CAD program, this software is easy to use and free of charge. 


By launching the Profile System and Accessories CAD Software you can creating your own solution, or even getting the basics going.  



Please note -  Some parts and materials are not available in Australia, please contact us if you have any questions in relation to the software.  We can also help you design according to your needs.  


Please do not click on the submit design button. This will send the drawing off to Germany and may take 2-3 days to get to us -we’d like to get back to you right away!



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